Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the artist that drew the illustration of Jesus?
The illustration of Jesus was drawn by Scottsdale, Arizona artist Roey A. Fitzpatrick of Roey Illustration.

Q: Who developed the web site?
The web site was developed by a graduate of the University of Advancing Computer Technology (UACT) of Tempe, Arizona. This person specialized in web site design and web application technology.

Q: Who are the four men shown on the banner of the web site?
The four men shown on the banner from left to right are: Martin Luther (1483-1546), John Calvin (1509-1564), John Wesley (1703-1791), and Henry George (1839-1897). The first three men are known for their Christian contributions, particularly for their Reformation influence--Martin Luther's work gave birth to the Lutheran Church, John Calvin established an order in the Presbyterian Church, and John Wesley founded the Methodist Church. Henry George is known as 'The Prophet of San Francisco' for his world-renowned book on social justice, Progress & Poverty.