Author's Biography

lenn Eldred Weeks is a native of California, born in central California and raised in the northernmost county, Siskiyou County, in the small gold rush mining town of Scott Bar, on the Scott River.

After completing high school in Lodi, California, Glenn attended Santa Ana College where he earned a degree in Liberal Arts. Glenn subsequently started his business career in San Francisco where he worked as a sales representative for a computer services company. After several years' work as a successful sales representative, he was sent to Boston to open a branch office.

Later this company transferred Glenn to their corporate office in New York City. While in New York City, Glenn enrolled and attended Columbia University where degree work was pursued in Economics and Philosophy. Glenn currently holds degrees in Liberal Arts and in Economics with depth requirements completed for a degree in Philosophy.

While in San Francisco Glenn had the opportunity to study at the Henry George School of Social Science and became conversant with the social and economic philosophy of the famous 19th century reformer Henry George. The transcendentalist Georgist worldview, along with the thinking of the apostle of organic architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, had a significant impact on Glenn's developing social and economic outlook. It was at this time that Glenn also had exposure and involvement with several competing Christian ideological/eschatological systems. Out of these experiences Glenn developed Textualism, a unique synthesis of Christian social and ideological thought.

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